Collectors' Cabin

Good Vibrations

Learning about singing bowls

In our sound studios you can learn how to make bowls sing by

   * 'chiming' with a felt-covered mallet 

* 'playing' (stroking the rim)

* 'bowing' using a violin bow

You can learn about

* the different types of singing bowl

* the history of singing bowls.

You can investigate the sounds made by different antique, and more recently made, singing bowls.

Study collection of antique singing bowls

Our collection of antique singing bowls is available for serious study and for sound recordings.

Big Bowl Experience

You can stand in a large (50 cm diameter) bowl and feel the vibrations spread through the whole body.

Good Vibrations relaxation experiences

Hot crystal experience with warm chakra palm stones

We hope that it may soon be possible for us to resume some of our 'old normal' relaxation experiences. We will, of course, follow the Scottish Government decisions, together with any additional recommendations and guidance from the CMA. 

Singing bowl experience

Just jasper experience with warm palm stones

For details of the relaxation experiences offered, please see the Good Vibrations website:

and our Good Vibrations Facebook page